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  • DarkRev7

    New gaming channel on Twitch
    🔴 Join me on twitch.tv/DarkRev7! 🔴

    Let's play video games 🎮
    See you soon ! 🚀
    #Twitch #Gaming #Streaming #DarkRev7 #VideoGames
    Live on Twitch
  • Watch The Fish

    What The F#@$ !?
    Keep the water in the bowl as long as possible! Watch The Fish is a skill game where you need to succeed in keeping the water in the jar to achieve the highest score. Will you dare to spin the wheel of fortune to try your luck?
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  • Postman Simulator

    Under development
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  • Voidbreaker

    Under development
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  • Imagin'Aire

    Board games store
    Blackbird Studios is also the Imagin'Aire store specializing in board games, role-playing games and accessories, among the cheapest on the internet!
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  • Bouldeurdache

    Boulder Dash C64
    Hommage remake of the famous game by Peter Liepa released in 1984 on C64 and published by First Star Software. Selected and featured on the UnityTech Twitch channel during the Unity showcase in January 2021.
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Watch The Fish

Watch the fish! How long can you keep the water in the jar?

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Tribute remake of the famous game by Peter Liepa, released in 1984 on C64 and published by First Star Software.

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About us

Indie game dev studios

Created in 2021 by Rev7, an independent Unity developer with over 20 years of experience in the field of C++/C# software development for the industry. Passionate and always influenced by video games and geek culture in general. It was time to "weave" dreams oneself, and not just live them.

Our favorite games : Dark Project, Dark Messiah, Alien Isolation, Dark Souls, Batman Arkham, Monkey Island, Skyrim, Subnautica, Resident Evil, State of Decay, Minecraft, World of Warcraft, WarTales, Obra Dinn, DDS, PowerWash Simulator…

Priority to fun

Based on 40 years of gaming experience, we are the first players of our games. Our goal is to create fun gameplay mechanics, from the simplest mobile arcade game to the most ambitious PC game. The only limit being our imagination.

New ways to play

Passionate about new technologies like VR/AR and haptic feedback, our games could include them in the future.

Keep in touch

Follow us on social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube; and gaming platforms: Steam, Itch.io...

Available platforms

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