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Bouldeurdache is a “Boulder Dash C64” Unity remake, as a tribute to the old Commodore 64 game released in 1984.

100 caves on 5 levels available and 2 turbo modes!

Gamepad and keyboard supported.  

Highlighted during the January 2021 Unity showcase on Twitch.
Additional music by Bit by Bit Bert. 

Original game was made by Peter Liepa and Chris Gray and published by First Star Software. 


Controls on title screen:
Left/Right : select cave (A / E / I / M)
Up/Down : select level (1-5)
Shift : switch between Turbo modes (normal, Turbo, OMG)
Esc : exit

Controls in game :
Arrows : move character on left/right/up/down
Ctrl+Arrow : dig, push boulder or grab diamond in the arrow direction (without moving)
Backspace : reset level (cost 1 life)
Space : pause
Esc : back to title screen

Released On



Blackbird Studios



File Size

40-60 MB


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